Welcome to my Website!


Welcome to my website of creative writing.

Humanity continues to be interesting and over this past year I have been enjoying the experience of getting to know new people both personally and from a distance. Observing from a distance enables me to use poetic licence to produce interesting and entertaining stories based on what I see and hear around me, and on what I want from life. 


I have been listening to Margaret Atwood a lot lately as she reflects on reading and on writing. Reading is actually a way to put life on hold or to interupt life, and then come out of it feeling refreshed, revitalized, rejuvenated and ready to go forward. The writing process is a lot like that too. Writing is like putting together the puzzle pieces of a story that has many pieces. Eventually the pieces come together and it all makes sense for the writer and for the reader. Life is like that and friendships are too. In March 2020 we were all hit by the deadly COVID-19 virus and that experience has shakened the world.  My mother, Antonetta Sophia DeWit, passed away in July; someone I thought to be a friend turned into the ultimate enemy; another person I thought of as a friend turned into a mere acquaintance. On the bright side, I have made new friends, done a lot of cycling, and learned a great deal more about human nature.

Thank you for visiting my website. We will weather this COVID storm together, following directives to the letter, and we are now the very people who take the bull by the horns so that our interupted lives will get better!