Fotheringham's Biography

I read another book!  This one is written by Canadian journalist Allan Fotheringham and it is called The Man from Nowhere. In the Prologue, he says the book is dedicated to his grandchildren but also to his now deceased adventurous son – I’d like to take it one step further and say it is also meant for Foth’s many lifelong followers who have been touched by his wit, his relentless critical assessments and his bold, brash approach to life and all it has to offer.

He comes from a struggling background as one of four children of a woman who became a single mother early in life. He competed with his brother for preferred son status but their mother did not budge either way. She did eventually date and marry, giving the family a renewed nuclear status, a new last name and new opportunities to branch out of a hamlet in Saskatchewan to greener pastures in Alberta and then British Columbia. He and his wife currently live in Toronto, but I think he also has a retreat on one of our Gulf Islands on the west coast of Canada.

Foth’s life was amazing with fabulous adventures throughout Europe, a myriad job opportunities at the University of British Columbia’s student newspaper, then the Vancouver Sun where he worked from the bottom up, becoming a renowned political columnist who was relentless in his analysis of all things political and some things personal. He also did a long stint on CBC’s Front Page Challenge where he often met his match in Betty Kennedy and Gordon Sinclair.

I enjoyed this book because I was very much aware of his existence during my growing up years, my university years and my working years in political arenas. He was liked and not liked by many, but generally respected as a man who always had something to say and he’d say things without hesitation, regardless of the possible consequences.