Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope

Published: Tuesday, 31 July 2012 01:02
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By Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly


Gabby is a story of stamina, courage and determination. It is about the life and times of the Arizona Congresswomen, Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in an ambush attack at a political campaign event in her State. Her chances of survival were slim, but she is not one to walk away from a challenge and that is what makes this story so incredibly rich, inspiring, passionate and moving. Practically half her head was shot off, part of her body paralyzed and she lost the ability to talk, walk, eat, drink or think on her own. She has not given up and will never give up. This book makes the reader feel a presence at the ambush, the rescue, the hospital, the rehab sessions, the family visits, the outings and in the memories of how things used to be.


Her husband, Mark Kelly, wrote this book and he does so with clarity, emotion and pride. He gives us insight into Gabby’s start in life as well as his, and takes us on the long journeys that eventually brought them together – her road from running the family tire business to become a politician and his pursuit of a childhood plan to become an astronaut. He complements Gabby’s inner strength to overcome the obstacles around her and ahead of her, and her undying faith in steady progress each and every day.


Albeit slow, steady progress is indeed what is happening … from identifying things, saying one word and then two, recognizing people, understanding conversations, doing rehab exercises and going out in public, Gabrielle Giffords is truly an amazing human being, an inspiration to all, and her husband is an amazing man, truly committed to for better or for worse, an honourable husband, loving father, brother, son and son-in-law.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was easy to read, to follow and to appreciate. Congratulations to Mark for coordinating his memories, sharing his thoughts and his feelings, and making us all see that life is short, we need to smell the roses even before they bloom to their fullest, and embrace and deal with all that life has to offer.