Life and Times of Lloyd Robertson

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Published: Monday, 03 December 2012 00:57
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The Kind of Life It's Been, by Canadian Broadcaster Lloyd Robertson


I had the distinct pleasure of reading Lloyd Robertson’s biography or memoir of his life as a lifelong broadcaster for the CBC and CTV. I enjoy reading about the life and times of key public figures and Lloyd, along with Craig Oliver and Harvey Kirk and Knowlton Nash and Pamela Wallin and Peter Mansbridge, fit that bill.


Lloyd has had a very interesting life and what makes it even more interesting and inspiring is that his roots would not lead one to believe he would be one to rise from the ashes and make something huge out of his life. He has a somewhat sad upbringing in that his mother was not mentally well and, subsequently, adversely impacted by a lobotomy.  It was not something people spoke about back then so you just created a wall between you and the outside world, and hoped that nobody would find out. Starting life without the warmth of compassion and emotion would normally lead to a dysfunctional life for the children, but certainly not with Lloyd. He recognized the deficiencies of his upbringing and worked with it to become a hardworking, compassionate and loving husband, father and grandfather, and a man committed to excellence in his work.


His Memoir highlights and defines his professional life with two major Olympic Games as bookends and the many, many major and minor news stories he presented to the listening public in addition to his 60 years in the Canadian broadcasting world.


I truly enjoyed reading Lloyd’s stories. I felt his commitment, compassion and emotion in his writing, and am very happy to hear he has had such a wonderful, enriching and rewarding personal and professional life.