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Written by

Linda Svendsen


The book takes an incredibly wonderful look into the backyards, nooks and crannies of life behind the scenes at both the Prime Minister’s residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Canada and the residence of our Governor General at Rideau Hall across the street.


The storylines come across as so real it is often hard to believe it is fiction. The characters have personality traits of various previous Prime Ministers and Governors General, and their respective family members. Their experiences, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes that are familiar to us, set you somewhere between the 1990s and 2012.


Ms. Svendsen does use satire and humour very well. She cross-dresses the main characters, settings and locations, in order to comply with the rules of fiction and maybe even to avoid defamation lawsuits. She even toys with the possibility of very savvy off-spring of both regal families, taking advantage of being within a world of privilege, orchestrating potentially damaging plans that result in becoming game pieces for both high level and low level cover-ups, schemes, blackmail and bribery.


24 Sussex and Rideau Hall have always been houses of curiosity and rumour to the locals and visitors alike. The novel flows well, reveals a lot about the adult and children residents of those homes and the stories are action-packed. It is one of those creative pieces that seems like it was written by a fly on the wall.


Ms. Svendsen allows us to imagine the possibilities to the point where we come out of the reading experience and wonder – how much of that was really false!