Charming Predator

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The Charming Predator, Book written by Lee Mackenzie


When I first saw Lee Mackenzie as a TV news anchor, I immediately thought there is a story there. She looked either shy or sad, and after reading her book entitled The Charming Predator, I have concluded she is both shy and sad, but also her own hero.


Shy people are quiet by nature and tend to not be first in line, enthusiastic or quick off the mark. They stand back rather than step forward and that, I think, is what made Lee Mackenzie blind and vulnerable when a charmer crossed her path and changed her life forever.


Her story is her story, told from the perspective of a shy and sad woman. Her pain and her shame are mostly hidden between the words and within the lines of most of her book, until near the end when she finally throws caution to the wind and explodes in the face of the mad man she had long since divorced, and tells him what he needs to hear and what she needs to say.


The expression of her rage and disappointment in him and in herself, becomes the ultimate of therapy, finally slamming the door on the slippery slope that brought her from hope and promise to despair and disappointment.


Ultimately hidden beneath her shyness and her sadness, we see emerging the inner strength that she needed to stand back up on her own two feet, to step forward (not back) with a feeling of self confidence -- something that lay idol for most of her life. Her personal traumas opened her eyes and her mind, giving her a new lease on life and readers an enlightening account of the shocking life of an incredible woman.