UNHINGED by Omarosa Manigault Newman

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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 August 2018 15:44
Published: Thursday, 30 August 2018 08:40
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When I first heard about this new insider’s account about the life and times within the Trump White House, I immediately contacted my local library to get my name on a list to borrow the book once it came into the Collection. It didn’t take long; I got it on August 26th and started reading it right away.


Once I got past the prologue and introduction, I felt like I had frozen in time. I stopped to think about the title and about what I had just read, and about what the pundits had been saying about the book, and then felt like I had been lured into an Ashram of followers wanting me to sing from the same song sheet. I was both perplexed and amazed not only about the egocentric protagonist, but about the egocentric author. This book didn’t seem like much more than an opportunity to be noticed.


As I read on, musical lyrics popped through my head like “you gotta do things my way, or no way at all” except the ending would be “or else”.  Fear and anxiety, shock and dismay, coveted the White House staff. Everyone is always in damage control, but nobody seems to know how to handle the damage. The loudest voice wins.  Winging it from the West Wing becomes the norm. Even the spin is out of control and hearing the whole world laugh, doesn’t seem to matter.


None of this is new. We hear it every night on the news so what is this book about? It is really about an election in the USA and the rising of a different kind of president tantamount to a volcanic eruption. Unexpected; unprepared; unpredictable; out of control, yet self controlled. If you look in that mirror, as the lava flows, you will also see shades of Omarosa page after page after page.


Don Trump is Omarosa’s hero and mentor. She wanted to be just like him and once she got there, she couldn’t really let go. Even though she is no longer on the White House payroll, she continues to emulate  herself and her mentor. Someone asked me if I mean like a Frankenstein clone? I said “well you read the book and let me know.”


So this book doesn’t really give the readers any new insight into what is going on within the White House or into the persona known as DJT. We have already heard it all before through other books and via the media. It does give great insight into the personalities of the two protagonists however.


It becomes an easy book to put down.