Left Neglected


Title:  Left Neglected

Author: Lisa Genova


A good friend of mine lent me this book and I am so glad she did. As you know, I am not much of a reader since I read all day at the office and my brain enjoys the other delicacies of life during its out of work moments and days. Nevertheless, I was curious about her synopsis of the book and she succeeded in getting me to read this one.


When a husband and wife, married for seven years, only have time for the occasional peck on the cheek – it is a sure sign that something in life is wrong. This book focuses on the busy-ness of family lives when both parents are professionals and overly consumed in their work. They are incredibly organized in all aspects of life’s responsibilities but they enjoy no respite, no rest, no respect for themselves or each other’s personal needs. The story is a relentless human drama that takes a turn at the drop of a dime and then becomes a relentless drama of another kind. The plot is both tiring and scary, and leaves the reader dumbfounded and numb.


The protagonist goes from a life overshadowed by makeup and chaos, fearless and feeling-less, noisy and distracted, to one of shackles and brakes, rendering her hapless and helpless and hopeless, depressed and demoralized, and totally numb about starting over.


This story is a reality check for workaholics and those obsessed with the electronic age – pushing themselves to be more ‘out there’ than where they should be which is close to home base, literally and figuratively, for their good, the good of the marriage and the good of the family.


This book was an eye opener for me and if my overview intrigues you, I recommend you find a copy and read it too.