Farewell and Fare Well



Farewell and Fare Well


One of the great things about working in a political job is that you get to interact with people who observe a certain conviction, people who follow another conviction and people who don’t do either.  When it comes to elections, there can only be one winner and that winner’s lifespan in that elected office is ultimately temporary. In my case, the lifespan of serving elected people, always including our Leader, has been an incredible 26 years and I think that is quite a long haul.


I feel pretty darn good about having been with my team for that long.  As some people might say: I have seen it all! Although I am not one to carry around a camera to flash shots everywhere I go, my pictures are my memories, my short stories and my poetry – much of which can be found on my website www.antoinettedewit.ca . All those pieces are fictional, but some people might see threads of truth interfaced between the metaphors and similes that I tend to favour in my creative writing.


The experience of reaching the end of a milestone has helped me to understand the meaning of bitter-sweet. This is my time for me to turn the page, for now. I have had my mind on work almost 24-7 at the expense of family relationships and friendships. Days off have been interrupted; vacations have been interrupted. But, my chosen life has experienced something unique, wonderful and incredible, and has brought me to this point of comfort and personal pride.


I feel internally enriched; I have been honoured and I have been blessed. The sun continues to shine; my heart is smiling; and, my soul has found much comfort during this incredible journey.