Shoe Shine Ma’am?

If I had shoes to shine, I would be seated on that high back chair across the way, watching the middle aged woman with a thick European accent scrub, clean and shine as though there is no better job in the world. She is strong and she is passionate about her work. A brush for this, a brush for that; buffering all over the front, back and sides, including the undersides, of each shoe, and finishing off with a spray, more massaging and polishing, until the shine is like a glimmering mirror. It's a simple job and no doubt making a huge difference in the life of a newly landed immigrant. I look over again, long after the customer has left, and she is still smiling.

Her job emulates the definition of living well and having a good life: structure, order, goal-based, hard working, pride, courtesy, gratitude, service to others, personal satisfaction and honesty.