On Living and Dying



The death of a loved one, a woman or man

Is not something for which we’re able to plan.

We’re born to live and eventually will die,

Life is a big gift and a time to feel high,

It’s not always easy and not always tough,

But for sure eventually, it will all be enough.

The key is to nurture and build self esteem,

Do what we say and say whatever we mean.

Listen to the music and hear all the sounds,

Build up a legacy and know where we’re bound.

Cherish the freedom and liberty to speak,

Be mindful of others and help out the weak.

Stay alive while living and be ready to die,

as a person of meaning, with love in our eyes.

Whatever happens and wherever we go,

Find peace in knowing it’s all part of the flow. 

Enjoy all the moments, days, weeks and years,

Let go of anxieties, worries and fears.

Life is our paradise, both cloudy and clear,

Death leaves our spirit both far away and near.


Memories Scattered



Scattered pictures


By fast changing times

Out of my control

Out of my hands

But, my heart still beats

My soul still smiles,

As a new life begins

With open arms.


Forever There

We lost a friend to mental illness, they say
There was nothing we could do
It just happened that way.

Into an institution and then out again
In again and out again
Somewhat like pestering rain
In pain or insane, insane or in pain?

Confusion, confusion everywhere
Unable to guess the face she would wear
Often giving us such a huge scare
Ready to pull out every last hair.

Whispering people wherever we looked
Finding her hidden in a dark nook
Or staring intently into a book
The littlest worry is all it took.

Lost in a psychosis all on her own
Struggling madly, yelling into the phone
There she was so very much alone
Lost in a world filled with unknowns.

The power of mental illness took her away
Forever lost there and there she will stay.
Forever found there, day after day.

Bright and Strong

Bright and Strong

We can’t go wrong


Hard work and discipline

Have made our future bright;

Hard work and discipline

Have made us see the light.


Let’s keep the progress going

Let’s strive to do even more

Let’s focus on our future

With the economy at the core.


Let’s think about our seniors,

Job seekers and our youth;

Trades, tech and training

And celebrate the truth.


BC Liberals have succeeded

For many productive years;

They have so much more to offer

With a plan that's void of fears.


Hard work and discipline

Have made our future bright;

Let’s keep the progress going,

To keep things going right.


Antoinetta DeWit

April 2017


Dancing on Sunshine


For quite some time now, I have been dancing on sunshine

But, I can’t tell you why.

Something incredible, wild and wonderful has happened to me

But, I can’t tell you what.

It’s not about my job, my finances, my friends or my family

But, I can tell you it’s all about me.

Me, the little me from the Hamlet called North Bend

From sitting on our porch and looking up yonder

to the cars speeding along the Trans-Canada Highway,

to the now bigger me’s life spanning far beyond

that highway to somewhere else, and across continents,

Yes ME.

My two feet are still not on the ground, just yet

My ego is spinning them from salsa to tango

and the cha cha cha

But, when I get them re-grounded

I will open that door, and I will tell you.