Forever There

We lost a friend to mental illness, they say
There was nothing we could do
It just happened that way.

Into an institution and then out again
In again and out again
Somewhat like pestering rain
In pain or insane, insane or in pain?

Confusion, confusion everywhere
Unable to guess the face she would wear
Often giving us such a huge scare
Ready to pull out every last hair.

Whispering people wherever we looked
Finding her hidden in a dark nook
Or staring intently into a book
The littlest worry is all it took.

Lost in a psychosis all on her own
Struggling madly, yelling into the phone
There she was so very much alone
Lost in a world filled with unknowns.

The power of mental illness took her away
Forever lost there and there she will stay.
Forever found there, day after day.