Dancing on Sunshine

Category: My Poetry
Published: Saturday, 25 February 2017 10:32
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For quite some time now, I have been dancing on sunshine

But, I can’t tell you why.

Something incredible, wild and wonderful has happened to me

But, I can’t tell you what.

It’s not about my job, my finances, my friends or my family

But, I can tell you it’s all about me.

Me, the little me from the Hamlet called North Bend

From sitting on our porch and looking up yonder

to the cars speeding along the Trans-Canada Highway,

to the now bigger me’s life spanning far beyond

that highway to somewhere else, and across continents,

Yes ME.

My two feet are still not on the ground, just yet

My ego is spinning them from salsa to tango

and the cha cha cha

But, when I get them re-grounded

I will open that door, and I will tell you.