On Living and Dying


The death of a parent, a woman, a man,

Is not always easy to understand. 


The shock or the misery of waiting around,

Ultimately means the life cycle is round.

We're born to live and eventually will die,

Life is a big gift that nobody can buy.

It's not always easy, not always tough,

There does come a time when it's all been enough.

Living is to nurture and build self-esteem,

Do what we say and say whatever we mean.

Listen to the music and hear all the sounds,

Build up a legacy and know where we're bound.


Cherish the freedom and liberty to speak,

Be mindful of others and help out the weak.

Stay alive while living; be ready to die,

As a person of meaning with love in our eyes.

Whatever happens and wherever we go,

Find peace in knowing it's all part of the flow.

Enjoy all of the moments, days, weeks and years,

Let go of anxieties, worries and fears.

Life is our paradise both cloudy and clear,

Death leaves our spirit both far away and near.