His hairy legs remained a foot apart

Her body lay half nude

His darkened eyes drifted now and then

This experience was very new. 


In her mind she heard a call:

Be wary of this man

You’re in a place you should not be

Get out as soon as you can.


She saw one hand and felt one too

His knees pressed between her thighs

Her life flashed before her eyes

She prayed and said her good-byes.


With bloodshot eyes and quivering lips

Rage echoed through her mouth

Her face glowed with bitter stress

As somehow she rolled her body out.


She quickly leaped to the front door

Unlocked the bolt with trembling ease

He sat there stunned alone again

And fell down to his knees.


The wretched man then stood up tall

As she made her quick escape

She bolted down the common hall

Turned and shouted Rape!


People came from all around

Doors were opened wide

The man was beaten black and blue

She wondered if he’d died.


He lay there bleeding all alone

Looking worried and very scared

She turned away to face the day

Glad that people cared.