Heartbreak In Paris

We can't be wordless in this time of crisis
Dig deep if you can't find them
Because they are there.
Words like barbaric, abysmal and bad;
Sadistic, stupid and sad;
Crazy, cruel and incomprehensible;
Dumb, demented and indefensible;
Terrifying, troubling and tough;
Paris has suffered enough.
Powerful, paralyzing, punishing;
Heartbreaking, hearts beating, almost defeating;
But not quite.
Your words will bring back the light
To Paris, in both day and in night.

Tribute to Michelle Stilwell

In the chair with wheels turning around and around
Is Michelle Stilwell who blocks out the cheering sounds
  and focuses solely on the victory's crown.
Pushing and pushing her hands on the rims
Hustling and hustling like a fish and its fins
She crosses the finish line feeling just fine
She's a force to be reckoned with
As she improves on her times.
Time is her goal in all of her meets
Her best posted time is the main one to beat
Powerful arms and tucked away feet
Watching her fly is really quite neat.
Congratulations Michelle on all of your quests
It is so great to see people doing their best!




Moving Life Ahead

Stress and worry
Wonder and cry
Festering headache
Above my right eye.

Too many questions
Too many chores
Don't want to hear
The slamming of doors.

Do this, do that
And this and that too
Hard to please everyone
Or to know what to do.

I keep pushing myself
To list it all out
Keep the pace moving
And then I feel doubt.

Am I doing too much
Or maybe enough
Is it possible I'll fail
Or forget some key stuff?

Who is watching
And who really cares?
Learn to delegate
Or do things in pairs.

See the red roses
And breathe the fresh air
Taste what really matters
As this life has no spares!


Defacing the pain of losing again
To try to move ahead
I wash my mind and try to find
Success before I’m dead.

Onward is upward as slow as I go
To try to get ahead
One step, another, and then one more
Before I go back to bed.

Hold my hand while I take a chance
To travel a bit further ahead
With listening ears, please listen
To what is being said.

My silence is whispering very loud:
I need your help to grow
To see and hear and taste and smell
Slowly, but not too slow.

I feel ready to take that next step
The time feels right, right now
Come closer to me, just a little bit
And we can share some chow!


Cariboo Cowboy

Another Cariboo cowboy has come and gone
That white Stetson hat he used to don
Sits proudly in the blacksmith’s hut
The barn door is temporarily shut.

The community will gather to honour the man
Who raised their profile while others ran
He is their hero, that incredible bloke
Who smiled and laughed with regular folk.

He was known as a wild west rodeo pioneer
Loved bucking broncs, and bangers and beer
Always a wonderful weekend whoop
Of pigs and horses and hoola hoops.

Losing him is truly sad and a pity
but now he is dancing again with Kitty
They first met when serving in the navy
Stayed together like good meat and gravy.

Quesnel has lost one wonderful guy
Who always looked you straight in the eye
His passing is a sad and a difficult loss

To those who were touched by his gloss.

May he rest in peace.