An extension of the era of one heck of a guy


A son named Justin surfaces and is riding high.


He is leading the way for much needed change


Our country is strong and expanding its range.



Davos and Paris and the Philippines too


There are just so many important things to pursue.


Justin is the phoenix that Canada needs


Implementing change and planting new seeds.



Thank you, Justin, for accepting the call


Speaking with confidence and standing so tall.


You are the man who is leading the way


For Canada to grow better, day after day.




Caring for your parents in their golden age


Is a commitment that is not easy to gauge.


They may need a little; they may need a lot


Like a run on sentence ending in dot, dot, dot.



The needs and the wants change from night unto day


Even from minute to minute, it is hard to really say.


Thank you for giving so much of your self


To help your parents manage their failing health.



Your dedication and commitment during this tough time


As you try very hard to see beyond the blurry line


Is making a difference to your dad and your mom


Who are fortunate to have such a good caring son.


As Memory Fades


With my memory I relight the fire easily;

In my journey day after day,

I can go back to zero, of any story,

if I try hard enough.

With her memory, there is nothing

Nothing to which to return

Because there is nothing, no memory

of anyone or anything.

Now she is all alone, 

even with all of us around her;

she is alone within herself

and doesn’t even know that.

There are outbursts and then silence

Inside those you sense sadness and frustration,

and the emptiness within her touches

all of us right to the core.

I can easily go back to zero

But she is stuck at zero every step of the way;

yet she smiles, she laughs, eats and sleeps

as her remaining days unfold.


Heartbreak In Paris

We can't be wordless in this time of crisis
Dig deep if you can't find them
Because they are there.
Words like barbaric, abysmal and bad;
Sadistic, stupid and sad;
Crazy, cruel and incomprehensible;
Dumb, demented and indefensible;
Terrifying, troubling and tough;
Paris has suffered enough.
Powerful, paralyzing, punishing;
Heartbreaking, hearts beating, almost defeating;
But not quite.
Your words will bring back the light
To Paris, in both day and in night.

Tribute to Michelle Stilwell

In the chair with wheels turning around and around
Is Michelle Stilwell who blocks out the cheering sounds
  and focuses solely on the victory's crown.
Pushing and pushing her hands on the rims
Hustling and hustling like a fish and its fins
She crosses the finish line feeling just fine
She's a force to be reckoned with
As she improves on her times.
Time is her goal in all of her meets
Her best posted time is the main one to beat
Powerful arms and tucked away feet
Watching her fly is really quite neat.
Congratulations Michelle on all of your quests
It is so great to see people doing their best!