Cariboo Cowboy

Another Cariboo cowboy has come and gone
That white Stetson hat he used to don
Sits proudly in the blacksmith’s hut
The barn door is temporarily shut.

The community will gather to honour the man
Who raised their profile while others ran
He is their hero, that incredible bloke
Who smiled and laughed with regular folk.

He was known as a wild west rodeo pioneer
Loved bucking broncs, and bangers and beer
Always a wonderful weekend whoop
Of pigs and horses and hoola hoops.

Losing him is truly sad and a pity
but now he is dancing again with Kitty
They first met when serving in the navy
Stayed together like good meat and gravy.

Quesnel has lost one wonderful guy
Who always looked you straight in the eye
His passing is a sad and a difficult loss

To those who were touched by his gloss.

May he rest in peace.

Right In Front of Me

I was looking up at the stars and something fell down,
Right in front of me
It started to roll slowly and then more quickly,
It hit rough ground and slowed down,
Right in front of me
As it rolled slowly over a man hole,
it disappeared;
I looked down, deep down
Didn't  even know what I was looking for;
Something just fell down,
From the sky
And from the ground, there
Right in front of me!


Olivier and Arnaud


Olivier and Arnaud
Two guys I know
On bicycles in [Fraunce]
Region: [Provaunce]
Fathers of three
Very [sporteeve]
Friendly and warm
In great form
Patient and kind
Refreshing finds
Among olives and vines
And Fabulous wines
Thank you guys
For the many great highs!

Rescue Me


Cold and all alone

Sad and angry

Pain and sorrow

Loss and lost




Drugs and alcohol

Mental illness

Shelter me, help me,

Guide me, inspire me.

Make a difference

See me

Show me your heart.


Antoinette DeWit

May 2014

Pride of Sicily

The Pride of Sicily 

The rolling hills of Sicily

Wrought with a fabulous history

War and peace and misery

Yet, many rebuilt memories. 


Corinthian, Ionic, Doric

Jewish, Muslim and Catholic

Evolving to pleasant from hectic

One amazing and heroic epic.


Gelato, cappuccino, espresso too

Uniquely different to me and you

Just embrace them as they do

Enhancing life with something new.


Those rolling hills of Sicily

Impacted by war and serenity

Periods of fear and uncertainty

But, an endless life expectancy.


As strong as the wind the people stay

They live for the land in their own way

The people on the Boot stay at bay

Sicilians live proudly day after day.