UBCM 2013

Navigating the local landscape

With meetings from eight to eight

Some run on time, others run late

Some confused with the wrong date.


Mayors and Ministers, us and them

Working together at the UBCM

It’s a grand meeting of the minds

About mines and signs and fines.


Money for this and money for that

Pulling from a bottomless hat

Take from Pete to give to Paul

The level of success? – that’s your call.


Although the pot is empty, not half full

We would all love to have more pull

Navigating the landscape one more time

Hoping to find just one more dime.

Spice in Life

Today I see flowers everywhere

Some are over here and some are over there

All because I dared to care

And did something somewhat rare.


I reached out to help someone in need

Planted a wee little colourful seed

It was simply a daily good honest deed

That all too often few others heed.


The words dare to care and dare to share

Are not too much of a burden to wear

They give my life a lot of interesting flair

As I dare to care, to bear and to share.


So get out and give your life a different spice

It could give you, too, an extra human slice

Like good luck from a set of honest dice

A surprise gift for being especially nice.

Aruba outbound in 90 Beats


Binah’s Deli and Coffee Shop

Run by the basic mom and pop

Bunnies hop and hop and hop

But, mom and pop, they do not.


American Air Gate Seven

The passengers leaving heaven

Departing at eleven

Awake since half past seven.


Aruba is heaven on earth

For several a real rebirth

For some others a new search

For another place to perch.

The Special Ones


Average people come and go

They may see the flowers

But can’t see the rose

Average people are ten to one

They’re part of clusters

That block out the sun.

Special people are hard to find

Genuine and honest

They’re one of a kind.

They do see the roses

And do see the sun,

They’re unique individuals

Who like to walk more than run.



I am sorry my honesty hurt you, my dear friend,


I am not sorry for my honesty.