Aruba outbound in 90 Beats


Binah’s Deli and Coffee Shop

Run by the basic mom and pop

Bunnies hop and hop and hop

But, mom and pop, they do not.


American Air Gate Seven

The passengers leaving heaven

Departing at eleven

Awake since half past seven.


Aruba is heaven on earth

For several a real rebirth

For some others a new search

For another place to perch.

On Living and Dying, the Update

The death of a loved one, a woman or man

Is not something we’re able to plan.

The sudden shock or misery of waiting around,

Ultimately means that the life cycle is round.


We’re born to live and eventually will die,

Life is a big gift and a time to feel high,

It’s not always easy and not always tough,

But, eventually, it will all be enough.


The key is to nurture and build self esteem,

Do what we say and say what we mean.

Listen to the music and hear all the sounds,

Build up a legacy and know where we’re bound.


Cherish the freedom and liberty to speak,

Be mindful of others and help out the weak.

Stay alive while living and be ready to die,

as a person of meaning, with love in our eyes.


Whatever happens and wherever we go,

Find peace in knowing it’s all part of the flow.


Enjoy all the moments, days, weeks and years,

Let go of anxieties, worries and fears.


Life is our paradise, both cloudy and clear,

Death leaves our spirit both far away and near.

The Special Ones


Average people come and go

They may see the flowers

But can’t see the rose

Average people are ten to one

They’re part of clusters

That block out the sun.

Special people are hard to find

Genuine and honest

They’re one of a kind.

They do see the roses

And do see the sun,

They’re unique individuals

Who like to walk more than run.



I am sorry my honesty hurt you, my dear friend,


I am not sorry for my honesty.

Amanda Todd Suicide Sadness

Aman, Aman, Amanda Todd

We mourn for you as we sob

The guy who did this is a knob

Those who helped form the mob

They set out to rob, rob, rob.


Aman, Aman, Amanda Todd

You reached out to stop that mob

Nobody helped you with that job

Making us all look like knobs

As we now all sob, sob, sob.


Aman, Aman, Amanda Todd

We mourn with you as you sob

Those lobs, knobs and many sods

Robbed, robbed, robbed

All of us.