When you love someone and he walks away,

stand back for a while,

stay away from that dial,

find your inner smile.

When you love someone

and he does not respond,

walk away,

you cannot stay, must not stay,

save the day,

in a better way.

When you love yourself and someone else

and that someone loves you,

you have found

the right glue.

Least Loved

Tear down that wall

He made you install

Stand tall

You won’t fall

You are big, not small

Show some gall

Make a new call

The field is a mall

Go have a ball!

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep loves to leap

From steep to deep

From meek to weak

From freak to geek

Cheek to cheek

And beak to beak

She is magnifique!

Lauderdale Haiku


Laude’dale By The Sea

Was an ideal place for me

To see and to be.

Flight Plan 2012


 My plane took off on another beautiful 365 day journey.

Besides Lauderdale, Hawaii, Aruba, Boston and NYC

Each and every day will be great for me

Full of love and, best of all, completely stress-free!  


Still free as the wind, as blue as the sky and as high

Hello to the new and to the bad I have said good-bye

To the sick, the sad and the lonely I no longer ask why

I stand by them and encourage them to not sigh. 


Our lives are only the earthly part of a long journey

We get a time span to smell, feel, taste, hear and see

It is all about you and all about me, and you and me

The boarding pass is essential but the right seat is key.