Appreciating Canada

Appreciating Canada

Although at times it seems we are wrinkled

Struggling, tugging, pushing and fumbling,

We manage to eventually work together

To show our pride and ease off the rumbling.

Those battles on the Plains of Abraham

Repeat themselves in each passing year

Metaphorically identical in most ways

Always embracing what we hold most dear.

Our passion for pride and complaining too.

East this, West that, the Center as the universe

You said, he said, we said, I said, they said

First gear, second gear, park, then reverse

145 years of appreciating our diversity

The fumbling and rumbling, the to and the fro

Despite our ongoing differences from coast to coast

We stand proudly together – at least toe to toe!



When you love someone and he walks away,

stand back for a while,

stay away from that dial,

find your inner smile.

When you love someone

and he does not respond,

walk away,

you cannot stay, must not stay,

save the day,

in a better way.

When you love yourself and someone else

and that someone loves you,

you have found

the right glue.

Least Loved

Tear down that wall

He made you install

Stand tall

You won’t fall

You are big, not small

Show some gall

Make a new call

The field is a mall

Go have a ball!

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep loves to leap

From steep to deep

From meek to weak

From freak to geek

Cheek to cheek

And beak to beak

She is magnifique!

Lauderdale Haiku


Laude’dale By The Sea

Was an ideal place for me

To see and to be.