Raging Waters


Angry, raging waters, soaring down the banks

Crashing, smashing, boiling high

While pushing through the trees and brush

Mother Nature says good-bye.


Crashing, smashing, boiling high

Falling fearlessly from above

Upon the waiting river bed

Flowing on as it always does.


While pushing through the trees and brush

Leaving nothing standing in its way

We see the destruction from afar

Nobody has a word to say.


Mother Nature says good-bye

And carries on with what’s left behind

Rebuild, rebuild the chorus says

Tomorrow will be a little more kind.

Bountiful Blooms


Today I see flowers everywhere

Some are over here and some are over there

All because I dared to care

And did something somewhat rare.


I reached out to help someone in need

Planted a wee little colourful seed

It was simply a daily good honest deed

That all too often few others heed.


The words dare to care and dare to share

Are not too much of a burden to wear

They give my life a lot of interesting flair

As I dare to care, to bear and to share.


So get out and give your life a different spice

It could give you, too, an extra human slice

Like good luck from a set of honest dice

A surprise gift for being especially nice.




Life is no casino

Unlike a casino visit

That can be repeated time and again,

A casino life isn’t

Once spent, what then?


You leave behind memories

Of what once was;

Honesty or mysteries

Does it matter? For me, it does!


Reach out to each other

Whenever you can;

Friend, sibling or mother,

Make it a plan.


We aren’t here forever

Can be gone in a blink;

It’s now or never

  Don’t let your boat sink!






His hairy legs remained a foot apart

Her body lay half nude

His darkened eyes drifted now and then

This experience was very new. 


In her mind she heard a call:

Be wary of this man

You’re in a place you should not be

Get out as soon as you can.


She saw one hand and felt one too

His knees pressed between her thighs

Her life flashed before her eyes

She prayed and said her good-byes.


With bloodshot eyes and quivering lips

Rage echoed through her mouth

Her face glowed with bitter stress

As somehow she rolled her body out.


She quickly leaped to the front door

Unlocked the bolt with trembling ease

He sat there stunned alone again

And fell down to his knees.


The wretched man then stood up tall

As she made her quick escape

She bolted down the common hall

Turned and shouted Rape!


People came from all around

Doors were opened wide

The man was beaten black and blue

She wondered if he’d died.


He lay there bleeding all alone

Looking worried and very scared

She turned away to face the day

Glad that people cared.


The Ivy Sea

Growing and growing,  


up and down the rock hill  


Finding a way, with a very strong will.  


Branching and reaching,  


to heights once unknown  


Defying the odds, moving all on her own.  


Tenacious and careful,  


determined to spread   


Confidence and vision, 


while passing the bread.  


She climbs to the mountains  


and down to the ground   


Impresses many people 


and lives safe and sound.  


Ivy Sea, Ivy Sea,  


like a fountain of wealth  


Worthy of much happiness 


and years of good health.


I wrote this poem in honour of Iona V. Campagnolo, former Lieutenant Governor of BC, also a former Federal Liberal Cabinet Minister under the Trudeau Administration. Her initials are IVC [thus Ivy Sea], and her life branched out much like that of the Ivy plant.