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My friend has drifted far and wide

as I stand by his side;

although what was, has now died,

the memories will always remain alive.


What is now is something new;

I don't always know what to do.

But, if it was the other shoe,

he would stay with me too.

Friendship Hiatus


Friendship Hiatus


Because of the busy nature of your life

No new seeds can possibly grow

Daughter, sister, mother and wife

It’s hard to change that flow.


As much as I want to jump on board

To germinate a sturdy seed

Talking about it strikes a piercing chord

That neither of us really needs.


All I want is a present friend at my side

To listen, hear and speak

With whom I can socialize and confide

Both when I’m strong and weak.


A busy gal can’t be a steady friend

Within a huge avalanche of deeds

With much regret my efforts must now end

As I focus on my needs.


I know one day there may be a change

To all the many, many roles you play

That new journey will be kind of strange

But I know you will find the way.


You are a blessing to those who know

An incredible angel from on high

Your heart and spirit will always glow

But for now I must step aside.


This is clearly not the right time to fight

Against what’s meant to be

You are daughter, sister, mother and wife

That is so very obvious to me.


Fare well my friend in all you have to do

Find silver between the frowns

My thoughts and prayers will be with you

Through all of your ups and downs.










Death is final

Love is not

Life is open

To all we’ve got.

Open our hearts

Open our minds

Embrace the beauty

Of every kind.

Embrace the people

 the moments the days

Celebrate life and living

In many different ways.

Once we are gone

It will all be too late

Don’t close the doors

But open the gate.

Life is for living

Right here and right now

So on that last day

We can clearly say: WOW!

On Living and Dying



The death of a loved one, a woman or man

Is not something for which we’re able to plan.

We’re born to live and eventually will die,

Life is a big gift and a time to feel high,

It’s not always easy and not always tough,

But for sure eventually, it will all be enough.

The key is to nurture and build self esteem,

Do what we say and say whatever we mean.

Listen to the music and hear all the sounds,

Build up a legacy and know where we’re bound.

Cherish the freedom and liberty to speak,

Be mindful of others and help out the weak.

Stay alive while living and be ready to die,

as a person of meaning, with love in our eyes.

Whatever happens and wherever we go,

Find peace in knowing it’s all part of the flow. 

Enjoy all the moments, days, weeks and years,

Let go of anxieties, worries and fears.

Life is our paradise, both cloudy and clear,

Death leaves our spirit both far away and near.


Memories Scattered



Scattered pictures


By fast changing times

Out of my control

Out of my hands

But, my heart still beats

My soul still smiles,

As a new life begins

With open arms.